How to be about the cost of social media

Insurance price comparison site – the one that doesn’t use meerkats or singing waiters in its adverts – seems intent on alienating the approximately 500 billion users of Facebook and Twitter (source: Facebook/Twitter marketing) by announcing that users of social media may face increased insurance premiums.

Apparently this is not a comment on your ability to drive a car after several hours of staring at Facebook, nor does use of Twitter make you more likely to come to an untimely demise for your life premiums.

The claim comes after a series of robberies in the US state of New Hampshire where the miscreants targeted people who were away from home, based on their Facebook status updates. You know the sort of thing: “We’re 10,000 miles away from home now, please burgle our house.”

The Confused ones believe that, “If insurance providers see it as a potential risk, you can bet your home contents on the fact they’ll start pricing for it,”

So the next time you become Facebook friends with that meerkat, just check your insurance renewal premiums when they turn up.

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Hi, I look after the PR at - thanks for writing about this. We certainly don't want to alienate social media users! We're just letting them know some of the implications that may come about and hopefully help them avoid those potential pitfalls. We're all about keeping the costs of insurance down for customers.

It looks like it's happening closer to home too according to The Telegraph

And insurers are certainly considering the implications. The last page of this report from Legal and General is interesting.

Thanks again,