How the Hapifork will stop you stuffing your face


As we all traipse back into work with that certain glow of too many mince pies around our waistlines, what better time to launch the technological fork to curb our munching?

That’s right, this week’s CES conference in Las Vegas witnessed the launch of the Hapifork – a supped up piece of cutlery that slows down your eating.

The idea is if you eat slower, you feel yourself getting fuller and therefore eat less, rather than shovelling food in and only realising after that you have overeaten.

The Hapifork counts how many times you bring the fork to your mouth and how quickly, tracking your average speed for eating a meal. The fork then emits buzzes to warn you when you are eating too fast and can even sync with a smartphone app to track your progress.

Maybe it will even stop you eating those foods not designed for a fork, think ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, and help you cut calories that way.

Will it catch on? We aren’t sure here at Downtime, but the boss has just bought in a box of biscuits left over from Christmas so maybe we will give it a go afterwards…

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