Holy Moly: When God and tech collide

The Diocese of St. Albans is calling on IT workers to help educate congregations on the link between science and faith, as part of its (bizarrely) named “Take Your Vicar to the Lab” campaign.

The initiative, being run in churches across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Luton and Barnet, will see hardware and software engineers invited to speak at Sunday services about how the two worlds of tech and religion ain’t so different after all.

What’s in it for IT professionals, Downtime hears you ask? Well, according to the PR blurb, participants will get the opportunity to raise their profile within the congregation, and fuel debates about scientific and faith issues within the local community.

They will also get the chance to take their local vicar on a tour of their workplace. For some reason.

Whenever things happen that don’t make sense in the context of religion, people usually say it’s just “all part of God’s plan,” so Downtime is just going to assume that is the reason and leave it there.