High-tech PJs for Insomniacs

Calling all insomniacs who would like to learn more about their sleeping patters or lack thereof without having to hook themselves up to a scary and uncomfortable bunch of wires in a lab.

Startup Nyx Devices has developed a high-tech sleep shirt with built in electronics to detect the wearer’s stage of sleep by monitoring breathing patterns, according to reports.

The main advantage of the Nyx Somnus shirt, says co-inventor Matt Bianchi of the Massachusetts General Hospital, is that it does not need any special setup to wear like traditional sleep labs.

By focussing on breathing patterns instead of brain waves, the Somnus shirt is aimed at simplifying sleep studies and enabling repeated measurements over time in the home.

Bianchi plans to test the device on patients who come to his sleep clinic to validate its use outside of the lab, and Nyx hopes to have a commercial product ready by mid-2012. 

Bianchi’s previous research has shown that insomniacs often underestimate how much they sleep, so he wants to give then an objective way to measure sleep to help them reassess their condition.