Hershey hit by chocolate connoisseur hacker?

Security professionals largely agree that the biggest motive for hacking into company IT systems these days is to steal information for financial gain.

That is probably true for most hackers, except perhaps for chocolate connoisseurs who feel they can improve on a supplier’s product.

US chocolate maker Hershey may have just been targeted by such a hacker who broke into one of their servers to change a single chocolate recipe.

The hacker made straight for the recipe file and left without attempting to get into any personal data of consumers stored on the same server.

If not a desperate attempt by a dissatisfied connoisseur, another explanation Downtime can think of is that the hacker was acting on behalf of a competitor trying to sabotage a Hershey classic.
Security experts have suggested a far more prosaic explanation, which is that the hacker was merely testing the effectiveness of Hershey’s intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Hershey has issued a statement saying they have taken steps to close the security hole to thwart future attempts at recipe alterations.

Perhaps they should also survey customers to find out if there any suggestions for improving on recipes. They may just find that current versions are no longer hitting the spot.