Help for geeks

In Downtime’s never-ending quest to perpetuate the geek gene, he has received help from an unexpected quarter, the University of Northumbria’s Nick Neave.
Everyone knows that birds and other animals frequently have a ritualistic dance that males perform to attract mates. Nick has taken this to its logical end by finding out what works in the strobe-lit E-fuelled atmosphere down the local club. It is this:

However, if your style approximates this

brightcove.createExperiences(); Dr Neave notes,  “The message from our research is that the core body – trunk, neck, head provide honest signals to females in terms of the amplitude and variability of the movements. If a male wishes to improve his dancing he should focus on core body strength and flexibility (yoga, pilates would help) and take some dance classes that involve speed and flexibility – ie salsa etc. “

Which suggests you might run into more simpatico women anyway, without necessarily exposing one’s inhibitions in public.