Heard from your Twettle lately?

Twitter seems to the stalking ground of all sorts these days, including non-humans. Apart from the band of twittering celebrities, this includes a growing number of devices empowered to send tweets.

The latest is a line of kettles devised by two inventors from the UK. Ben Perman and Murat Multu claim manufacturers are queuing up to produce their Twettle, a kettle that sends a tweet when it has boiled.

They say the idea was born out of a quest to find a useful function for Twitter. Downtime is all for that idea, but it remains to be seen whether Twitter user demand for the Twettle will meet expectations.

On second thoughts, Perman and Multu have probably come up with a winning product. Anyone addicted to sending out a constant stream of 140-character messages and living in the UK is bound to want one of these.