Happy birthday from Orange. Now give us more money.

News of Orange’s 4.5% pay monthly contract price rise is spreading, as are the complaints. 

Orange are notifying customers via text of a ‘change to their contract pricing as of January 2012’. They don’t expand on the change, simply offering a link to a site. You don’t think they’d be trying to sneak this past us do you?
Anyway, Downtime has exclusively learnt that Orange aren’t very good when it comes to timing. One faithful and loyal Orange customer was enjoying her birthday on Monday when her phone went off. 
“Oh, this must be another happy birthday text from a loved one”, she thought. 
She was wrong. 
It was Orange. Not only had they ignored the fact it was her birthday, they took it upon themselves to tarnish the rest of the day by informing her of the ‘change’ to her contract cost.
But the biggest victim in this story, by far, has to be the party poppers. Thanks to Orange they remaining unpopped on what should have been a day of celebration. Now they have to wait a whole year before coming out of the drawer again. 
Downtime has since contacted the Orange Helpers Twitter account and received this response, “I’m sorry about that, it wasn’t intentionally sent on her birthday!” 
So, what have we learnt? 
Firstly, Orange aren’t very considerate and they don’t cross-check customers records and secondly, the word ‘change’ in instances like this one can be swapped for ‘rise’ or ‘increase’ 85% of the time.