Government minister introduces new "bring your own IT department" policy

The UK government, led by the Cabinet Office, is zealous in its desire to overhaul government IT.

Out go mega-outsourcing deals with the big “oligopoly” of IT suppliers, in come lots of SMEs, smaller contracts, and the re-skilling of civil servants to become agile software developers.

So congratulations to Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude – the political muscle behind the Whitehall IT reforms – who has taken the move to its ultimate conclusion by becoming his own IT manager.

According to The Telegraph, Maude was so fed up with his own in-house IT systems that he installed his own Wi-Fi network so he could make more use of his iPad.

Not so much bring your own device as bring your own IT department.

One of Maude’s team, chief operating officer Stephen Kelly, claimed earlier this year that his PC took seven minutes to boot up, and went as far as posting a video of the boot-up taking place online after a Telegraph article suggested he was being “economical with the truth” – although he later removed the video.

Clearly Kelly knows what to do now – just pick up the phone, ring his minister, and ask, “Is that the helpdesk?”

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