Google's self-driving cars lack explorer spirit

Google’s self-driving cars may be ideal for those never stray of well-worn routes, but useless to anyone with a spirit of adventure. 
While the vehicles are able to take passengers on any pre-programmed route – although they perform like newly-licensed teenagers, they are unable to go anywhere new, according to Wired
The car drives using vast amounts of data the Google Self-Driving Car Project has already compiled about every road it travels.
Providing all this data means the driving software has to deal only with cars, pedestrians, cyclists, construction, and any other new obstacles.
The good news, though, is that the cars can be taught. The modified Lexus RX350h is covered in laser, camera, and radar systems, which means it can record new routes.
But that means it has to be driven along a new route several times before it has enough data to self-drive the route.  So no hope of scrapping driving lessons any time soon.