Google wages war on tofu

Google has teamed up with typography firm Monotype to wipe out tofu across the internet.

#FitFam, #lifestyle and #veganlife instagrammers need not be worried, the type of tofu Google aims to eliminate is not the tasty bean curd snack (well, sometimes painfully bland bean curd snack, depending on the chef).

In this case, the phrase refers to the blank boxes that are used to replace text that cannot be displayed, we might often see this when certain browsers or web pages are unable to process emojis or your fave font.

This phenomenon usually happens when someone writes in a font or language that is not supported by Unicode, the standard for the encoding of text.

Through their joint project called Google Noto, Google and Monotype will be developing a new font family called Noto (short for no more tofu) which will be free, and allow text to be written in all languages without the fear of these dreaded boxes appearing.


Picture credit: Google

We’ll allow them removing web-based tofu, but let’s hope the search giant doesn’t try and take down any other vegan staples in the future.