Google foolishly searches internet for inspiration about what to call Android N

After spending months toiling over the next release of the Android mobile operating system (OS), the brilliant and creative minds within Google’s development team can’t even be bothered to give it a name.

Instead, the search giant has resorted to crowd-sourcing a name for the next iteration of the OS, and is asking the internet –a renowned source of rational and measured thinking – to suggest some ideas. The only condition is the name must begin with the letter “N”. Because asking the internet for help with naming stuff always works out really well.

You only have to look at the outcome of the online poll about what to call the National Environment Research Council’s latest polar research ship for proof of that.

Boatey McBoatface famously topped that poll, prompting the organisers to name it after David Attenborough, who – for the uninitiated – is the brother of that bloke who starred in Jurassic Park.

Previous versions of the Android OS have been named by Google after confectionery products, such as KitKat, Jelly Bean and marshmallow, and it’s unclear at this time why the firm has given up on this idea.

To be honest, Downtime doesn’t care. We’re too busy drawing up our shortlist of suggested names for Larry, Sergey and the rest of the Mountain View crew to mull over.

Our early frontrunners include, Noel Edmonds, the name of everyone’s favourite Saturday night house party-thrower; Norman Bates, the infamous (and fictional) motelier who had a penchant for stabbing people; and North West, the offspring of noted reality TV star Kim Kardashian and Grammy Award-winning rapper Kanye West.

Downtime could go on, but it’s probably best we leave things there, because we don’t want anyone nicking our undeniably brilliant ideas.