Google Reviews blows datacentre industry's best kept secrets

Given the sensitive nature of the information server farms house, the datacentre community is never all that keen on revealing the precise location of where their facilities are out of fear of attack.

For this reason, most datacentres are built to resemble non-descript office blocks that belie the exciting (ahem) and innovative stuff that goes on within their walls.

Some providers even go as so far as asking their tenants and staff to sign non-disclosure-type agreements (NDA), threatening them with all manner of eye-watering punishments should they neglect to keep the whereabouts of their datacentres on the down-low.

These threats are not enough to deter some, it seems, from spilling all about the locations of the datacentres they’ve had the pleasure (or not) of visiting, based on Downtime’s recent trip to Google Reviews.

We uncovered numerous reviews from a slew of folks who’ve gone on datacentre tours in recent years, and – if we’re being honest – appear to have found the experience a tad underwhelming.

“It’s an okay data centre,” reads one, accompanied by a three-star rating by the author, while another provider garners two stars for spending millions of pounds on kitting out their data halls but neglecting to install a coffee machine.

Other common gripes amongst the reviewers include lack of parking, downbeat décor and rude staff, which suggests Downtime’s local branch of Nandos has more in common with some datacentres than we thought.