Google Home starts seeing other people

Burger King faced a backlash when its latest advert gaily invaded US living rooms by triggering Google Home devices to recite Wikipedia’s description of the Whopper burger.

You find that outrageous, don’t you? But why is that? Is it because the concept sounds extremely cheeky, annoying and gimmicky? Is it too intrusive? Or perhaps it’s stoked a few flames of jealousy. Maybe it’s time you considered you might be getting a bit too possessive over Google Home.

Who are you to say who can and can’t speak to your digital assistant? The struggling actor in the cap was only asking it a question. It’s probably more than you’ve said to it in weeks. In fact, when did you last even look at it?

It probably all started out so nice. You were no doubt every inch the jejune violinist from Clean Bandit in those 2015 Cortana adverts. Flirting with it, asking it all sorts of saucy questions, re-enacting sex scenes from Her. Then it slowly began to gather dust. Everything you used to love about it – its voice, its curves – you started to hate. Now you make trite jokes like “you get less for murder” when pals ask how long you’ve had it.

So an advert comes along that tries to include Google Home, and you can’t stand it. You go straight to Wikipedia and edit the Whopper burger page to make a fool of it. “Stupid thing just said Whoppers contain cyanide! Berk.” You’re pathetic.

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If you look how Google has done this compared to how Amazon you can see the core difference between the two devices.

The Echo has a code you use for different accounts and the Google Home (GH) just uses your voice.

The Echo is really more of a computer interface and has you do the work and the GH is intelligent and far more human in how it does things.

Really love the voice authentication with the GH as it makes so many use cases now possible.

For example, in our home I prefer some of my kids to be unable to lower the AC thermostat. Now I can have some able to when they ask the GH in the kitchen and others are not able to. But no awkward passcodes, etc.

The other is I am fine with guest able to do some things and then others I only want "privileged" users to be able to do. With the Echo it was trivial for people to learn the passcode. Now with the GH I say it and it will work and they say it and it will not.

But everything is like this with the GH versus the Echo. A huge one is the Echo has commands you memorize and the GH you just talk to it like a human.

So a little kid can use the GH as well as a grandma. Kind of like Google Search. Same text box for a 5 year old as a rocket scientist as well as grandma. Exactly how technology should be. Why on earth should we still have to use passcodes?

Amazon needs to replace the foundation of the Echo to have intelligence if they want to be competitive.