Goodbye Clip Art, goodbye memories of my youth

First it was MSN Messenger, now it’s Clip Art.

Clearly the powers-that-be at Microsoft have no soul. And no memory of what it was like to be a teenager in the noughties. If they did, they wouldn’t keep destroying all the memories that we desperately try to cling onto while hurtling through this fast-technology world of social media, blue ticks on WhatsApp and what seems like a billion songs on a tiny little iPod.

Sometimes you just want to say ‘stop the world I want to get off’.

Microsoft announced this week that it will be discontinuing its image library – Clip Art. That fine tool which was used to create cool party invitations and your mum’s birthday card, as well as “creatively” sprucing up a piece of homework. Perhaps I’m being a bit melodramatic, because Clip Art actually does still exist, but instead of one dimensional brightly coloured cartoons, it is now powered by Bing which offers images from the internet which have a Creative Commons license.

But it is what this change represents. We’ve only just got over the loss of MSN Messenger which was killed off almost exactly a year ago.

Wasn’t it a simpler time when instead of asking Siri, you just asked the Microsoft Clippy?