Good news for JLS fans!

Good news for fans of 2008 X Factor finalists JLS. Band member Aston Merrygold [wasn’t he in Lord of the Rings? Ed.] has won the domain name from a cyber-squatter.

Domain name registrar Nominet revealed Aston’s victory marking the 10,000th domain name dispute it has resolved.

The domain was registered the day after JLS didn’t win the X Factor by someone who never used it for anything. Nominet’s Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) panel decided that the registration was made in order to take unfair advantage of Aston’s rights.

In order to complain to the DRS, you need to own rights, including a trademark, to a name which is the same as or similar to the one you are concerned about. The service is supposed to be quicker (and cheaper) than resorting to legal action.

How lucky is Nominet, though? The 10,000th domain dispute was about someone who was briefly famous for SEO purposes! What are the chances?!

It’s just unfortunate for poor old Aston that JLS split in 2013.

NB. At the time of writing was returning a 404 not found error. We will of course keep you posted if this changes*.

* We won’t