Getting to the heart of the UK's economic problems

At last, a press release has provided Downtime with the essential piece of news for all of us struggling under the weight of government cutbacks and economic adversity.

Apparently, 80% of employees think the quality of sandwiches at their business meetings has fallen as a result of the recession.

Only 4% of those questioned by office design company Maris Interiors felt the quality of sandwiches had improved over the last five years, with 16% noticing no change. 

In a further sign of our straitened times, and one that will particularly concern Manchester United-supporting, prawn sandwich-munching senior executives, is the revelation in the research suggests that while popular sandwiches in 2006 included crayfish and avocado, or chicken teriyaki, now cheese and pickle or tuna and sweetcorn are the sandwiches du jour.

Downtime is gazing at its over-ripe banana, while munching away at its spam sandwich, and dreaming of the day we can have cheese and pickle again. Bring back the Branston, we say

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