Get your motormouse running

Downtime has often wondered what is the best seller out of all the apparently pointless items in the executive toys section of in-flight duty-free shopping brochures.

(Yes, we know, this makes us rather sad. But we can’t afford an iPad to keep us otherwise occupied on long and boring flights).

Well, now we know. It’s the motormouse – a car-shaped wireless mouse that has become the fastest selling item on British Airways and Emirates long-haul flights.



What does this tell us about long-haul passengers – or at least those that see 12 hours on a plane as a retail opportunity? Clearly they must be the types who wield enough corporate power to have their subordinates fawn in mock amusement at the wry humour of their self-deprecatingly self-conscious supercar-based mouse.

“Look at me,” they try to say. “I may drive a massive and expensive supercar, but I’m humble enough to take the mickey out of myself by having one as a wireless mouse too.”

Readers should make no assumptions from the fact that Motormouse is 40% owned by James Caan – the entrepreneur, not the actor – who invested after inventor David Bailey (not the photographer) pitched the product on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den TV show.

Of course, it could be that most people do simply think the Motormouse is a bit of harmless gadget fun, and Downtime is just a bit jealous of people who fly business class and drive massive expensive supercars, but we’ll leave that to readers’ good judgement to decide.