Get happy - get promoted

It’s lonely at the top – or so they say. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for IT leaders.

A survey by the Cabinet Office has revealed the most satisfied workers in the country. It seems that IT directors are the 18th happiest group, with a “satisfaction rating” of 7.705 out of 10.

They do lag behind school secretaries – just ahead in 17th – as well as therapists (16th), fitness instructors (15th) and electrical engineers (14th). But they are just above HR directors (19th) and finance directors (20th).

But a future of even greater happiness lies in store for the most exceptional IT leaders – if they get promoted to be chief executive, they will jump up to number two in the list, behind the happiest workers in the UK: clergy.

It’s unclear whether praying that your IT systems will work counts as practice for moving up to the happiest job.

Moving down the list confirms that the higher up in IT you are, the happier (as well as better paid) you become. Other IT roles to feature in the list of 274 recognised jobs are:

  • Specialist IT managers – 47th
  • IT project and programme managers – 82nd
  • IT business analysts, architects and systems designers – 93rd
  • Programmer and software developers – 117th
  • IT operations technicians – 120th
  • Telecoms engineers – 140th
  • IT & telecoms professionals – 147th
  • IT user support technicians – 160th
  • Web design and development professionals – 188th
  • IT engineers – 243rd

Strive for happiness, IT folk.