Geeks and gamers can get some too


G@mers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those who prefer to wonder the realms of Azeroth than the bars of Soho might get the odd pang of loneliness that the virtual world cannot cure.

But a new website has been created to help both male and female gamers get that little extra something on the nights they can bare to turn off the PC. does what it says on the tin. It is no dating site – that would involve nights out or weekends away from Halo – but merely a place to meet fellow gamers online who wish to play a quick level and head home afterwards to their Call of Duty.

Still not getting our drift? Well, the front page of the website will clear it up for you…

“We play host to thousands of single gamers who want nothing more than a quick shag.”

In Downtime’s experience, there are plenty of geeks and gamers happily married or shacked up with a partner who don’t need another fantasy game in their lives. But, it is always good to have something in common, even if just for one more round. Just leave the PS Vita at home…

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