For your four eyes only and anyody else with the same download

IT directors of a certain age, some beginning to wear reading glasses, others, half-blind nerds from an early age, will be eagerly anticipating the augmented reality glasses in development at Google.

Our do no evil, digitize everything, including the kitchen sink, chums at Google propose to have the glasses ready for purchase next year.

Sergey Brin has sported a few pairs, including at a blindness-fighting event in San Francisco.

Once available from your local optician, you’ll be able to truly live in a bubble. Information will pass before your eyes as you find your way around the city, checking out buildings, posters, and the forms and figures that would have excited Baudelaire. All while some light-fingered knave helps himself to the contents of your back pack.

And you need never remember anything ever again, gazing out through your Google spex.

This heart-warming video will moisten your middle-aged eyes. Or maybe not.

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