Find washing boring? Not anymore!

It may well be a stereotype but I genuinlly struggle when it comes to trying to use a washing machine. Give me a shiny new tablet, games console or smartphone and I’m fine.
27-year-old Lee Wei Chen must have been in a similar situation but the Kingston University of London student has decided enough is enough. He has desgined a washing machine and video game console combination. 
The question is, why aren’t these in homes all over the country already? 
The washing cycle is dependent on the players success in the game they are playing, so if your getting smashed 6-0 on FIFA 12 the curry stains from the night before will not be coming out of those jeans. 
Although, you can just add coins to complete the washing cycle but I’d feel just like I was using a cheatcode in GTA.
I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say I hope this progresses from the design concept stage. 

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