Fast food not finance messaging service should be target of sanction hungry politicians

Global financial messaging service the SWIFT is so tired of being asked by politicians to do their jobs it has had to come out with a statement to tell its stalkers to go away.

Following the likes of UK Prime Minister David Cameron pressuring  Swift to disconnect Russian organisations in protest against the countries activities in Russia as well as a calls for a similar expulsion for Israel, Swift has come out fighting.

It wants to be left alone and wants politicians to do their own jobs. Downtime is sick of all this bullying of IT companies by politicians.

Why can’t they force companies like McDonalds to sanction certain countries. The fast food chain has  hundreds of outlets in Russia and  in Israel. It sold more than $1.5 billion worth of meals to Russian customers in 2013. Hit them where it hurts, their stomachs, well the colon eventually.

Scrap that idea. It won’t work. A recent self-imposed sanction in Russia saw health officials close 12 McDonalds outlets. Perhaps the Russians have better taste.