Facebook party reveals German austerity measures

A teenage girl in Hamburg last week advertised her birthday party on Facebook. Problem is she forgot to mark it as private. As a result over 1,500 crazy teenagers turned up.

But in stereotypical German style the parents were able to head them off at the pass.Unlike the UK, where teenagers have rampaged homes at parties that they have been accidentally invited to, the parents immediately cancelled the party, informed the authorities what had happened and even hired a private security firm.

Police cordoned off the house, put 100 officers on the ground, some of which were on horses, and apparently the teenagers continued to celebrate.

The German authorities are clearly not as committed to making public sector spending cuts to the same extent as the UK.

When asked about the German authorities’ handling of the event the UK government reiterated its Big Society stance. “That money could have been much better spent. A Tory peer could have cleaned his moat for that,” said a spokesperson. “Under Big Society the father of this teenager could have just got a few of his mates over to kick the s**t out of any unruly kids. “

If they had had a moat in the first place there wouldn’t have been a problem anyway,” added the government spokesperson.

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