Facebook outs Fergie's successor

David Moyes, Manager of Everton Football Club....

David Moyes, Manager of Everton Football Club. Everton Played Club America after FC Dallas beat Colorado (Major League Soccer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have all made the odd social network faux pas. From being it tagged in a picture on a drunken night out you didn’t want your family to see through to tweeting negatives about your boss without realising they are following you – at Downtime we have experiences of both… – these online communities are no place to try and keep secrets.

But you would think a company worth £2bn may have a couple of employees at least making sure there are no slip ups to bring embarrassment on the firm? Wouldn’t you?

Well, someone has just received their P45 at Manchester United. After Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement at the end of the season from the soon to be Premiership champions yesterday, speculation has been rife as to who would take over.

From rumours of a return to the UK by ‘the special one’ through to wishful thinking Alan Pardew would bugger off from Newcastle – there may be a couple of Magpies over here at Downtime too – everyone with an inkling of interest about the beautiful game was awaiting the news.

So, rather than a grand announcement, Manchester United managed to accidentally post the news that David Moyes will take on the position and leave Everton behind on their Facebook page, meaning within minutes the news was all over the web and links being retweeted on Twitter at a rate of knots.

Let that be a lesson to all companies embracing the social media revolution. You may think it is just a job for a wet behind the ears intern but Facebook and Twitter can make news, break news or lead to another member of staff joining the dole queue. Good luck in your next adventure social media guru 187…

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