Facebook causes insomnia

Sleeplessness or at least disturbed sleep is becoming common among UK users of social media sites, a survey has revealed.

One in four users of Facebook say they have been woken up by smartphone alerts from the social networking site.

The UK’s 30m Facebook members spend a week a year on the site while in bed, at an average of 21 minutes per person each day.

Social networking is affecting the sleeping patterns of almost two in five people, according to the survey commissioned by mattress firm Tempur.

One in five respondents said social media is also a source of conflict, with logging on to Facebook second only to watching TV as the most common activity before bed.

As compelling as Facebook may be, Downtime can think of several other bedtime pursuits that are more likely to promote harmony than conflict.

As is often said in the IT security industry, it is time to get back to basics and focus on priorities.

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