Face your future - it won't be pretty

Last month, a study by Fat Free Fitness revealed that IT workers have the unhealthiest lifestyles of all professional workers in the UK. Now you can see the effects of poor diet, smoking and drinking on your future appearance by using a free online tool.

MirrorMe is a Facebook application developed by Middlesbrough-based games studio Ideonic. Users upload an image of their face and answer a few simple questions relating to their lifestyle and habits. The application then scours for more than 86 points on the face, generating a new image based on how the person might look in the future if they continue with their current lifestyle.

Jeremiah Alexander, ideas architect at Ideonic, says, “Have a go. It’s fun and free. You can always MirrorMe your friends’ pictures instead of your own.”

Downtime thinks they won’t be your friends for very long if you do.