Engineering works during a strike, a machine would never think of that

Downtime had some time to ponder the use of technology to carryout human roles whilst sitting waiting for a bus. The tube strike in London was the perfect opportunity to gather some thoughts.

London Underground wants to get rid of nearly 1000 staff as technology replaces the need for staff in stations. The London Underground is not exactly a service in decline. If anything it should get more staff. Humans can go that extra yard. Machines don’t care if you miss your train.

Humans with a good service mentality will solve problems and make a commuter’s journey better.

I mean why didn’t London Underground bosses plan “vital engineering works” (which ruin many a weekend) while the strikes are on rather than leaving it until a sunny weekend or something equally inconvenient. The answer is simple these bosses have become machines themselves and can’t think beyond the balance sheet.

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