End of the Piers humour

It’s been over a year since US robotics designer David Hanson made Sophia an internet phenomenon with a video in which he accidentally prompts her to agree to destroy all humans. The UK got a chance to see if she’s chilled out at all this week, as she sat down for a chat on Good Morning Britain.

Chaperoned by Hanson, who was armed with a glass of water to chuck into her mainframe in case she returned once more to her darker thoughts, Sophia navigated Piers Morgan’s inexplicably sleazy questions with aplomb.

We couldn’t help but think the daytime TV show squandered its opportunity to grill the skinhead robot on important world issues by instead asking her fatuous questions about her love life, but it was to Sophia’s credit that she kept her cool under Morgan’s tabloid probing. He’s used to getting under the skin of his guests, but where a puce Michael Gove spluttered and malfunctioned just days earlier, Sophia remained composed – if not a bit glib – even when the former Daily Mirror editor called her a freak.

That’s not to say Sophia’s the finished article. Indeed, her lack of comic timing and evident self-satisfaction at her own sub-par jokes leaves a lot to be desired. But it does qualify her for further UK daytime TV work. This was a screen test to host Loose Women if ever we’ve seen one.