Elvis lives on planet football

Downtime was delighted to learn that telecommunications analyst Windsor Holden has a secret second life. By day, Windsor writes about near field communications and mobile payments for analyst company, Juniper Research. On evenings and weekends, he writes, er, books about Elvis Presley and aliens.

A cropped photograph depicts singer Elvis Pres...

Leeds United Fan, Elvis Presley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Windsor has just published his first novel. “Elvis lives on planet football.” Its the story of two twenty somethings with an appetite for beer, women and an aversion to housework. Needless to say they get tangled up in a plot featuring Leeds United, a clandestine government agency, and the king of rock and roll, evidently still alive and living in Yorkshire.

Think it wouldn’t happen ? Well, I have it on good authority that Jerry Lee Lewis is working as a parking attendant in Brighton. Makes you think.

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