"Ecoute moi," said the kitchen

Is French cooking the same as cooking in French? Maybe not the most profound question in the world, but one that could get a definitive answer very soon.

Yes, the French-talking kitchen is set to be installed in UK schools, universities and even homes from late 2012 and has already been trialled in the catering kitchens at Newcastle College, say reports.

The futuristic French teaching aid has been developed by computer scientists and language experts at Newcastle University using Nintendo Wii-like motion sensing technology and task-based learning techniques.

On a computer, users select a recipe and sensors built into utensils, ingredient containers and other equipment communicate with the computer, giving users feedback if they go wrong.

The kitchen kills two birds with one stone as users learn French as they learn to make new recipes, and if they get stuck, they can ask for an English translation of any instruction.