Dork into sport doesn’t go - unless cash is involved

Computer “nerds” may wear shorts, but usually with sandals rather than sports shoes. You rarely see them celebrating sporting contests.

But two enterprising UCLA students have found a way to help student programmers be part of the sports vibe on campus.

Matt Rizk and Ben Hood have invited “geeks” to create a computer program that picks winning teams during the local basketball season.

To vie for the crown, “dork” participants must create their own computer programs to pick the winning teams throughout the tournament. The program with the most points, and, therefore, the most correct number of winning selections, wins $300.

However, given that the two have most likely enraged the collective brainpower of programmers on campus by referring to them as “geeks” and “nerds”, Downtime would not be surprised if sometime soon their PCs caught a bad virus an were too ill to play games.