Don’t doubt ur vibe

You can’t take your eyes off Elon Musk for a moment. Such is the rate of Downtime content generated by tech’s OG attention seeker, we once attempted to retire from indulging his antics altogether. But now he’s released an EDM track, hasn’t he, and in a dance as old as time, we’ve bitten.

Don’t doubt ur vibe is a wholesale departure from Musk’s debut single, which you might remember was an autotune rap tribute to murdered gorilla and even-then dated internet meme Harambe.

Unfortunately for the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, the legitimacy of Don’t doubt ur vibe’s key lyric, “Don’t doubt your vibe”, has landed in the Petri dish of none other than The Guardian’s head rock and pop critic, who literally casts doubt on the song’s professed absence of doubt. That’s nothing short of a disastrous appraisal for a track that, in its defence, relentlessly stresses the importance of being confident.

Of all the things you could level at a man who’s planning to fly to the moon for a laugh, we can’t imagine he’s haunted by many thoughts of self-doubt. Indeed, the question shouldn’t be so much whether Musk doubts his vibe, but rather what the hell that vibe is. There’s no way of even beginning to work that one out, but as he probably jests to an underling at least once a day while pointing at one of his poor tunnel-digging machines: “At least I’m not boring!”

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