Donald trumped on Twitter by ex-GDS staffer he mistook for daughter

Downtime’s thoughts today are with ex-Government Digital Service staffer Ivanka Majic’s Twitter mentions, after gaffe-prone president elect Donald Trump mistakenly copied her into a tweet hailing the “character and class” of his daughter, who shares her first name.

At the time of writing, the message had been retweeted close to 5,000 times, and has prompted replies from thousands more pro- and anti-Trump supporters.

Majic, meanwhile, has expertly seized on the situation by using Trump’s latest social media misstep to remind him to take more care with what he tweets in future, and to consider devoting more time to learning about climate change; a concept – along with most major news organisations – Donald doesn’t seem to think exists.

The response has prompted an outpouring of support across the Twittersphere for Majic, and should ensure her Twitter mentions remain a no-go zone for several weeks to come.

As is par for the course whenever Trump trips up, he has not publicly acknowledged his error or Majic’s response, and will probably find someone else to blame it on anyway.

For those concerned at the prospect of Trump being handed the US nuclear codes in just a matter of days, the fact he can’t even get his own daughter’s Twitter handle right is unlikely to do much to allay their fears. Although we can’t rule out the fact he might accidentally disclose them online at some point anyway.