Domino's helps customers from the oven to the loo. Almost.

Downtime was fascinated that the Domino’s Pizza has developed a system that allows customers to track the progress of their order from the oven.

The pizza tracker system is designed to help hungry online customers keep an eye ion the progress of their funny cheese on toast.

So you can order online and be ready at the front door as the delivery man arrives to save precious seconds.

But everybody knows the problem with online pizzas. Not enough bites.

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#1 Son worked in a pizza restaurant to fund his university bar bill.

When customers had ordered their pizza they sometimes asked how many slices the pizza came in and then he could tell his Joke.

'Four.' he would say,'But if you're hungry you can have six or eight slices instead'.

Sadly for a university town the proportion of punters who understood the joke was depressingly low.