Dell probably not do that again

This may be a year old but it has just started circulating around social media sites again and, as you’ll find out, it is too good to ignore. 

Two Dell employees from Round Rock, Texas are surely be filled with regret after a secret internal marketing campaign landed them in hot water. 
48-year-old Bryan Chester and his 36-year-old supervisor Daniel Rawson faced misdemeanor charges of Interfering with Public Duties and Deadly Conducuct after their little stunt backfired. 
The two men ran through their Dell offices, dressed in black, wearing masks while screaming for people to move to the lobby. Obviously, if someone burst into your office dressed in black, screaming, you may be inclined to panic a little. Several of the other Dell employees did just that, activating panic alarms and calling 911. 
When Police arrived Rawson reportedly refused to co-operate with the SWAT force which, unsurprisingly, only made matters worse. 
In the end the situation was resolved after Police inquires discovered that the pair were part of a PR stunt to unveil the Dell Streak Tablets to fellow colleagues. An officer was quoted at the time as saying it was a miracle that no one was hurt. 
When you factor in that Texas is a concealed carry state, Rawson and Chester really should be thankful they weren’t shot. If they were determined to incur criminal charges there are other routes they could have gone down to drum up interest in the ‘Streak’ tablets, if you catch Downtime’s drift. 
Anyway, no harm was done, although Dell has refused to comment on speculation that it has since had to fork out to replace a number of employee chairs and pants that were affected by the incident. 
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