Data science blues

As a regular train user, what better way to waste time on a delayed service, than delve into a bit of analytics on the daily commute. First, trains are less busy on Monday – because most of us really can’t stand the idea of getting up for work after a good weekend. Second, Friday’s train is almost empty – presumably because most sane people don’t see the point in travelling in to work when the boss has already decided Friday is his Work From Home day…and it means the weekend starts a day early. Tuesday seems to be the worst day for being busy – it’s analogous to how the gyms in January are always full on Tuesday – everyone seems inclined to go in that day. Wednesday and Thursdays are the days we’re most likely to be delayed – at least as far as this commuter is concerned. Downtime reckons that train drivers have decided Friday is the new Thursday and as for Wednesday…let’s call it Friday too.