Da Vinci Code meets Lord of the Rings in plan to save the internet

Downtime fears the leaders of domain name controller Icann have been reading too many Dan Brown novels.

Last week it was revealed that seven key holders from around the world have each been assigned to guard a part of a key, and in times of great crisis, five of them must come together for the key’s power to be unleashed and save the internet.

The plan was hatched to protect the internet in the event of a major attack on its infrastructure. The complete key can be used to reboot the systems that direct users to websites.

Among the key holders are US security researcher Dan Kaminsky and Paul Kane, CEO of UK-Community­DNS.

Kane told Radio 4 that in the event of online armageddon he must take his key to a secret location overseas, hinting that this place is underground, possibly in the middle of a desert.

Rumours that he must be accompanied on his journey by an elf, a dwarf and a Templar knight remain unconfirmed.