Cops seek tweeting PigSpotter

Traffic cops in South Africa are seeking PigSpotter, a civic-minded motorist who tweets the location of speed traps and sundry law enforcement apparat that minimise the fun you can have on the roads there.
PigSpotter has garnered only some 6,000 followers, despite being interviewed on local talk radio stations. But it’s early days.
The cops say what he’s doing is unlawful; he says it is illegal for the cops to hide what they are doing.
Given South Africans’ driving habits, PigSpotter is potentially depriving the local municipalities of considerable revenue, so Downtime can understand, but hardly condone their miffedness.
Just wait until Nokia’s Ovi Maps starts listing the cops’ favourite hiding places, as they now do elsewhere, and see what happens to South African driving standards as drivers check their mobiles for updates.
But then Downtime has also experienced Sao Paulo traffic. His post-traumatic stress disorder is responding to treatment.

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Oi, you forget to mention that while it sounds like PigSpotter is doing the Metro/Traffic Police in they only perform a small portion of their duties. Hiding in a bush, as tree, in a gutter and on top of bridges to trap speedsters. Never mind their "brothers" and "sisters" who are driving without licenses, driving unroadworthy vehicles or simply reckless drivers. It's far more rewarding to try bribe a motorist or to sit in the shade of a tree all day (all three of the pork knuckles) to operate one gatsometer. Nothing but oxygen thieves with human footprints. Long live PigSpotter!!!!