"Computer glitch" sparks cheap booze stampede

A supermarket chain in Scotland was inundated with shoppers who came to blows outside stores as they battled to benefit from a too-good-to-be-true special offer.

With the power of social networking sites, word spread quickly that three boxes of cider and beer were being sold for £11, soon sparking traffic jams, stampedes and even fisticuffs as eager shoppers flocked to stores in Greenlock, Glasgow and Bellshill.

The cause of all the mayhem was a computer glitch, probably caused by human finger trouble, which turned an offer of “buy three boxes and save £11” to “buy three boxes for £11” according to the BBC.

Computerisation has indeed helped humans do more faster, but Dowtime notes that this applies not only to the work that we do but also the mistakes we make.

Thanks to computers and social networking, the effects of human error can be made much bigger, much faster than ever before. That’s progress.


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