Clarkson column a bit soft, but said to be accurate


Fraud is a terrible thing, and identity theft an unpleasant experience. Unless of course it happens to Jeremy Clarkson.

“OK, so Jeremy Clarkson is a bit of a prat, but he is not wrong. With your sort code and account number the only action anyone can take is to pay money into an account. Not withdraw. Not even get a balance,” says reader Gary Gowans.

“Jeremy Clarkson’s bank presumably accepted a fraudulently signed Direct Debit notification from whoever set this charitable debit up. So the bank are at fault for not verifying the signature properly. Although, I guess Clarkson may have a fairly public signature, which may make it easier to copy.”

Downtime finds it astonishing that anybody would want to defraud Clarkson, unless it was, in the great man’s words, one of those “onion selling ne’er-do-wells” or a dog-eater, or perhaps somebody from those parts of America “where people have started to mate with vegetables”.