Cats comfort cancer patients

It is time for a nice heart-warming story over here at Downtime…

A 16-year-old cancer patient named Maga Barzallo Sockemtickem is currently residing within the Seattle Children’s Hospital for treatment. Due to her very weak immune system, she has to stay isolated from friends, family and even her kitten, Merry.

However, staff at the hospital have managed to bring kitten comforts to her thanks to technology.

The nurses at the hospital asked Maga’s friends to post their favourite cat pictures onto Facebook and, with the addition of some photos of Merry, they created a video of all the pictures, along with a purring audio to project onto the walls of her isolation canopy.

They have called it the cat immersion project and plan to give such comfort to other patients in the future as part of the hospital’s creative arts campaign for children with cancer.

For a video of the project, check out the story from Wired here:

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