Catholic Church asks Google how to connect to masses

The Catholic Church is receiving tutoring from internet experts about how best to communicate in the modern world. Officials from the likes of Google, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia are helping Catholic officials in Europe in a four day conference. Where God has failed technology will succeed they hope. Downtime thinks the Catholic church has more fundermental theological problems which will take more than a You Tube video to fix.

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the answer to all life is:

god puts all living beings to sleep forever (death)

at the same time (simultaneously)

what would happen if that happened?

peace forever, finally.

anyone who chooses life, is choosing second best

eternal ,forever sleep (perfect peace is the best)

why choose silver, when you can have gold?

why live? when we can sleep forever

if god willingly lives, his will is backward

if you ever call on god (jesus) ask for sleep forever

sleep forever is peace all of the time

life forever would only be peace some of the time

only a fool would choose forever life

sleep forever would obviously, easily be the best, amen

even a drunk person could figure that out

we should all be very angry that we live

we only fail because we live

and of course, be very angry that we are not sleeping forever

but we most certainly should be, amen

we are not evil,

we just understand that life is wrong

did you ever hear about anyone with a perfect life?

of course not!!

but sleep forever would be perfect

think about it

anyone who desires sleep forever

is like the one who built his house on solid rock

it is good

anyone who lives life willingly

is like the man who built his house on sand

it will fall apart

if god puts all living beings (including himself) to sleep forever

he would not be harming anyone

he certainly would be helping everyone


the luckiest one is the one who was about to be born

but never was


pray that we sleep forever

in life all must earn success

but sleep is free automatic success

god does not need worship

but needs sleep forever

the best possible thing is sleep forever

It was nice going through it. keep it up the good work.


This is an IT publication: all comments that raise Amletic dilemmas (with bad punctuation) should be posted somewhere else.

And a lighthearted take on IT at that.