Canadians want to use fridges to make payments

The Canadians are not really famous for that much apart from them being likened to Americans (The US variety) too often for their liking.

But they are about to put themselves on the map. Breaking news that 22% of Canadians want to be able to make payments using their fridges must be something that can inject a bit of identity into the Canadians. “You know the people that pay for stuff using their fridges.”

Anyway a PayPal-commissioned survey of 1504 Canadians found that over 300 said they wanted to pay for stuff with their fridges. I know there are some big people up there and the potential to carry fridges to the shops on sledges, but in a world of mobile phones and contactless wristbands why would anyone want to carry a fridge around?

To be different that’s why. While the Yanks in Silicon Valley make the financial transaction something that can be as discreet as scratching your ear the Canadians are going to carry fridges around.