Canadian spammers politely request consent to spam

Across the ocean in Canada, folks are getting ready for the implementation of a major new anti-spam law, which comes into effect from 1 July this year.

Under the terms of the law, Canadian companies who have already got your consent to email you have a 36 month grace period in which continued consent to email is implied.

But if they can get you to consent to receiving commercial emails before 1 July, the 36 month grace period no longer applies, and you will receive email until you choose to opt out.

To this end, businesses that happen to operate in Canada have begun sending a tide of emails requesting reconfirmation that it is okay to email, and it is starting to look, well, a bit like spam.

I really don’t think the Canadians have thought this one through. But typically, they are being very polite about the whole thing.

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