Budget day 2008: What's in the brown bag, Alistair Darling?

What's in the brown bag, Alistair Darling?

It’s Budget day 2008 and Labour’s website is suggesting that we ask the Chancellor a question. So, how was it for you, Darling? A little disappointing? Don’t worry. After all, it was your first time… No wonder you weren’t too keen on exposing yourself on YouTube immediately. Never mind, there’s still plenty of time for you to improve your skills

In the mood for more cheap shots?

Online gadget retailer www.bigpockets.co.uk aptly chose the biggest week in the UK financial calendar to unveil its very own budget brown bag, ready to steal the glory from Alistair’s virgin speech: the £2.99 self-proclaimed bag of c***. Downtime just can’t decide if our pockets are quite big enough to enable us to indulge… Watch, and tell us if you think we should partake.

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