Broken PC loses fight for life after shooting in US back alley

The name Lucas Hinch may not be immediately familiar to you, but we sense he may go on to become a folk hero in computing circles, in light of his dramatic approach to PC tech support.

Having grown frustrated at the inability of his defective computer to respond to the CTRL+ALT+DELETE PC reboot command, Hinch dragged the offending device into a back alley and shot it eight times.

The drastic action was promoted by “several months” of “fighting with his computer,” a police spokesperson gravely told The Colorado Springs Gazette, resulting in him wreaking “the kind of revenge most of us only dream about.”

The PC, the article notes, is not expected to recover. 

Hinch is now waiting to hear what legal action he will face over the fatal assault, but we can’t help thinking any member of the US judicial system who’s wasted precious moments of their life waiting for a non-responsive PC to come back from the dead will have his back.

If not, Computer Weekly would fully support any campaign to free the pistol-whipping PC user, should he need it.