Brits will cancel Christmas and throw out the booze for more data

Research from mobile provider Plusnet has revealed the depths to which the British people will apparently stoop if they can get an unlimited mobile data allowance out of the deal.

Asked what they would be willing to forego if offered limitless data, a fifth of people said they would give up alcohol for life, and a tenth would cancel Christmas altogether.

The survey also asked what people actually did with their data, and found that looking up their exes on social media and Skyping with their pets are especially popular activities.

It also revealed that women in particular enjoy reading online erotica, and that if down to their last few megabytes of allowance, 1.7 million Brits would use it to sext a selfie to someone.

We’re sensing a theme here…

So come December 25th, Downtime will be sitting in the dark, stone cold sober, looking at porn.

Business as usual, then.

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