Brit-guide for US Microsoft workers

Last year, Microsoft moved its EU research headquarters to Cambridge. Its employees jumping across the pond will now be pleased to know that on arrival they will receive a 44-page guide on how to adjust to life in Cambridge.

Now this seems like a completely sensible idea to understand how to be prepared for the wet weather, our penchant for queuing, the endless number of bicycles, students dressed in Harry Potter robes, and the strange activity of punting.

While it did introduce the yanks to the local chippie, pubs and a ploughman’s lunch, it also warned them that they couldn’t bring along their firearms, stun guns, obscene material and also dead animals.

It also stressed how you can just walk into an A+E in the UK without an appointment… for all those non-gun related accidents.

However, the guide must be congratulated on informing employees that cyclists should use two D-locks to ward off thieves, and if you were thinking of purchasing those at Argos, it explains how to catalogue shop.  

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