Bill Gates invests in high tech condoms

Good to know Bill Gates is spending the fortune generated by his software empire wisely by investing in high-tech condoms.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which aims at tackling health problems in developing countries, has awarded £62,000 to UK scientists at Manchester University. 
A research team led by Aravind Vijayaraghavan is developing a new composite material using latex and the super-material graphene, according to the Telegraph. 
Graphene was discovered by Andrew Geim and Kostya Novoselov at Manchester University in 2004, earning them the Nobel prize for physics in 2010. 
By combining grapheme and latex, the scientists hope to produce a new material that is thinner, stronger and safer. 
The Gates Foundation challenged scientists to develop new technology that will make condoms more desirable to use, thereby helping to prevent the spread of HIV and reduce unplanned pregnancies.